Monday, February 06, 2006

Sometimes I Feel So Blonde

I apologize, everyone. I had my comments set to moderate and I really don't know how that happened. Anyway, since I have not put any email address into my blog settings the comments were not sent to me. Therefore, I have no way of finding and publishing any comments that may have been left for me. I'm sorry about that. I just thought you would all like to know why I have not moderated my comments. I just had a blonde moment I guess.

EDIT: I found them! I found them! It's like Christmas! I found all the comments. I feel terrible. I didn't even know comment moderation was turned on. You know what's really funny, my husband left a comment and he's heard me complaining about the comment thing for a week and half and he never told me that comment moderation was working. I finally got an email from one of my blogosphere friends informing me of what I had done. Thank you Rinceoir.

And what's even funnier. Not two weeks ago I told my friend Isaac that comments were not working on his blog. Then he found out that he had comment moderation on by accident. You'd think I would have checked that if I knew all that.


little-cicero said...

You think you had a blonde moment?
Have you ever deleted your entire blog accidentally?

I've got you beat there! Ha!

Esther said...

LOL! You certainly do! I guess we all make funny mistakes.