Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Draft Pence Movement

I had a meeting with two very interesting people this morning. They are part of a grassroots movement to elect Congressman Mike Pence for president in 2008. This was all interesting because Mike Pence himself has not decided to run for president. These two young people are starting a conservative movement to draft Mike Pence for president in 2008.

I have decided to join this cause and I will share my reasons for that.

A couple weeks ago I got a message from facebook telling me that a person in Indiana wanted to be on my "friends" list on the facebook. I thought, "Cool, I will finally know someone in Indiana." I checked out his profile and found that he was "very conservative." I thought "Cooler, this is a conservative in Indiana!" After a few days I received an email from my new friend. In this email he explained that he and his brother and a lot of other young people are working in a movement to draft Mike Pence for president. Furthermore, this is a grassroots movement where they travel around the country talking to people at colleges and spreading the message of conservatism. So today I invited two total strangers over to my apartment to discuss the conservative movement.

After coming to this town I discovered that most people's political ideals are far and away from my own. If you look at the post "Trim the Trees or Die" you will notice the differences between my views and the views of those who live in this town. It is rather depressing to realize that you are almost one of a kind. That you are surrounded by people who automatically assume you are pro-choice, you think trees look better when they are causing car accidents, and you hate George Bush. So when I saw the chance to get involved with something conservative I jumped.

These two young men entered (after knocking of course) our apartment, at first glance they looked almost exactly the same and are the same height. "Is one of you older or are you twins?" I asked. They are twins. No kidding. Just like me and Maria. One is quieter, one is more outgoing. But both are very interesting guys. They went to school together and seemed like best friends.

We started talking about conservatism, conservatism and Christianity, Christianity, and eventually got around to Mike Pence. We discussed why Christians should be involved in politics. And we heard about what a humble man Mike Pence is. He has moved up in leadership in the House very quickly, and he even turned down a leadership position because it went against his beliefs. This is a man who puts his principles before himself and any desire for power. He is in politics because that is where God wants him.

I am so impressed by the stories these two young men told me. To think that you can go into politics without the hunger for power driving you. Even when I fully believe that God wants me to be involved in politics; even when I see the principles God has convicted me about as higher entities than myself; even though I understand responsibilty and how terrifying it is, I cannot escape the desire for power. To realize that a humble person who really does hold to his principles is in office is an encouragement to me. But it is more than just that. It shows me that there is hope for this country and there is hope for good people to get involved in politics on a higher level. It shows me that you do not have to allow elected office to corrupt you and draw you into its ever downward spiral away from great principles. Like many I have often wondered if I can actually cheat a system that's very incentives are corrupt.

Mike Pence's story shows me that with God it is possible to live in the system and not be a part of that system. The story these two young men told was of a person convicted by God and brought back into politics years after he first tried to run for office. Now his message to people is not that of a politician, but that of a man saved by grace. He has prospered and risen to a position of authority not because he pushed people and drove them from their positions, but because God has blessed him. And that amazes me.

You may think that this is really cheezy. However, no one can say anything bad about Mike Pence. People who question him in anger do not rile him up. He answers them in kindness. Furthermore, he brings a positive message to young people. He speaks at youth conferences quite frequently and if you ask some young person in the DC area what they think of him they will tell you how much they like him.

If you check the side links you will see that I am linked to the blogs of the two people who told me about Mike Pence and the reviving of the conservative movement. We will continue to persuade others about Mike Pence. In the meantime I intend to research Pence thoroughly and post on him every once in a while. Good information is a part of good persuasion and I am looking to persuade my United Statesian readers.


MaxiSmeg said...

Interesting. I would be open to voting for him. I'm Irish though. :-)

The little bit I read about him and his speeches would indicate, to me, that he is positioning himself for a run-in during 2008.

Nice link by the way :-)

travisjhankins said...

It's seems pretty crazy for a third term congressman to be positioning himself for the presidency. Mike Pence doesn't care about that. All he cares about is getting the conservative message across and calling people back to the principles that made this nation so great. God has just blessed him with the ability to articulate our Christian conservative values in a way to win people over just like Reagan.

Esther said...

I was gonna say something like that, but Travis said it for me. Um, yeah, from what I can tell it's people who want Pence to run and not he himself. At least, not in a power grabbing way. Similarly, however, Reagan did want to run for president, because he felt that was his purpose in life.

Esther said...

And thanks, Maxismeg for your potential vote. I would not want to minimize how much that means by making arguments or anything like that. I am sure that if you had someone like Pence in Ireland I would be open to voting for him/her even if I am American.

Xana Ender said...

I showed John a print-out of the page on that Mike Pence website. Thought it might interest him. Any more info you have on him?

Esther said...

I will get back to you on that. I have found lots of stuff on him, I just have to go through it and critique it for my blog a bit. The two websites I have on my sidebar are blogs of the two guys who told me about Pence. He wrote a book called "Confessions of a Negative Campaigner" that looked pretty good from this link http://www.mikepence.com/

BOB for GOV said...

Mike Pence is really the geniune article. He must be Drafted for President in 2008!

little-cicero said...

Sorry, but I'll be campaigning against this man in the primaries. Newt Gingrich is the real deal- and he knows how to organize and lead. Gingrich for President!