Friday, July 29, 2005

Why Americans Need Help

I just discovered this article by Victor Davis Hanson. He is a writer/journalist who almost always has good ideas. The article discusses how we view history in the United States. I thought it made some excellent points. Hanson argues that we twist history and use it for political purposes. Since most Americans are not up on their history these days, it's very easy to get away with saying all manner of outrageous things. I hear it on a daily basis. I'm not the best with history unless it has to do with politics, so I am probably as guilty as any of letting outrageous statements slide. Anyway, great article, read it. I am stoked about finding Victor Davis Hanson's personal website as well. You will find a link down with my other political links.


MaxiSmeg said...

Sorry I don't have time to say anything besides it's really good and please forgive me for robbing it!

HuskerFoley7 said...

Esther, I have to agree completely. Me, being a lover of history, and I still don't know all that much. And yes, our history is so warped. At least you didn't go to public school like me!