Monday, July 18, 2005

What To Say?

I am having one of those days where all kinds of ideas, words, and potential writings boil inside of me, yet I do not know what to say. I have been thinking about the Iraq war. I have tried putting the London bombings into perspective. I have been reading about the Supreme Court potential nominees. The whole Karl Rove thing bores me silly, but I read it. I have kept up with the news like a good poli-sci graduate. Still, at the moment I do not really care about the news.

Moving to a new place is a cool experience. But it took until I was almost completely settled to start reflecting on what has happened to me over the past several months. I sit here day after day finishing up wedding related things (like those thank yous that still sit in boxes on my tabletop), and trying to find a job. I spend my free time reading my friends' blogs to keep up on their lives. (That is, when I am not spending time with Craig.) And that is my dilemma! I have to keep up with my friends' lives online! I am not with them anymore. I am within road tripping distance of most of my friends. Some are farther away than others.

The horror. This is how it is going to be for the rest of my life! The friends I made at school will probably never be within walking distance of my home again. We spent the most responsibility free four years of our lives together! And now there are bills, bills, and more bills.

To think, four years ago I did not know any of these people and had no indication that I ever would! How things change! A wise person once said to me, "It does not matter how long your life is, at the end it will always seem like it went by so fast." That is how I feel about college. At the beginning everyone has the same thought, "Four years, that will take forever!" And at the end, you can only look back and wonder that it all happened so fast yet meant so much.

That is, unless you hated your college experience, or unless you were an immature jerk and you realize that now. Okay, that was random.

Back on topic. I miss my friends! I think the weirdest time will be when we do not all return to the Dale in the fall. Then, naturally, I will be asked to come back to Hillsdale and judge some debates, or judge debates in my area. And I will see nothing but students who were in classes other than my own! But the campus will still look the same.


Xana Ender said...

Well, after the Hillsdale Retirement community goes in, campus will probably look different:-D (I'm not helping am I?)

Esther said...

That stupid retirement home will be way down this other street. Not close enough to change the campus look. I guess the new student center will change it, but that is an acceptable change.