Monday, July 25, 2005

Home Again

This past weekend mine and Craig's good friends Matt and Amber were married. The wedding was in Detroit. We drove more than six hours to be there. And it was definitely worth every hour plus all the caffeine it took to keep us both awake through the entire wedding and reception.

Several of our other friends were there as well including Bonnie and Amy, Josh and Gloria, and Casey and Andy. It was like a small class reunion. We missed Foley, Natalie, and anyone else who I might have forgot to add to this list. That may very well be the last time our group is almost all together in one place again. How sad.

Still, the wedding was awesome. The ceremony was beautiful. The food at the reception was great. We had tons of fun dancing. Craig and I can cut up the dance floor a bit. Although I have to say, Matt's friend Belal (sp?) was probably a better dancer than either of us. During several songs Craig, Belal and another friend of Matt's went out there and put on the moves. It was hilarious. They put their suit collars up and danced around out there. Then, to show off even more, Belal decided he would dance the rumba with me, of all people. It was fun even though I barely remember the rumba. I also have not danced with someone other than Craig since . . . well, since last year when I went to Vermont with the debate team and we all went Latin dancing. That was kind of weird. You get used to one person's style and leading after a while.

After the wedding we found a hotel at which to crash for the night. Then it was on to my old workplace to get some wedding photos. And then we went to my family's home for dinner.

Now I am back in my new home, much the worse for wear and with a scrapbook to work on.

To any of my good friends from the Dale who read this, I just want you to know you are the best friends a person could find and I miss you all so much. We will find a way to road trip out to see you all someday when I am making money instead of just spending it.


MaxiSmeg said...

You dance!!! Wow!!!

I dance too. It's great. I love the rumba. It's one of my favourites although not at the top. That's cool :-)

Esther said...

Yes, dancing is a lot of fun. Craig and I are good at east coast swing. I enjoy Latin dances best though because of my little bit of Latino heritage. I still have a lot to learn as the class I took in dancing lacked a lot of essential things (we were not even taught to tango!).

MaxiSmeg said...

If by some freaky wonderful accident we ever meet up in real life, I will consider it an insult if you do not show me how to do some east coast swing :-)

I will then show you some tango and you can have the choice of Ballroom or Argentinean :-)

HuskerFoley7 said...

I'm glad the wedding was awesome and am so sad I had to miss it. It would have been good to see a lot of the old crew! Augh, but thus is life and duty to job calls. Stupid money!

Esther said...

Maxismeg, if ever we meet in real life or in heaven then I think there will be some dancing. :oD

Foley, I wish you could have made it too. Maybe homecoming?